协议概述吉牛网是基于点对点网络(peer-to-peer)的一种网络架构.吉牛网主要的应用在于匿名抗审查的文件共享. 吉牛网项目(GNUnet)的目的在于给P2P网络提供一个安全的基础架构. All communication in GNUnet is authenticated and link-to-link encrypted.* The economic model makes attacks on the network harder since the economics can be used to control resource usage.* GNUnet peers exchange messages using a pluggable transport service abstraction.* Currently, transport services based on UDP, TCP, HTTP and SMTP are available.* The GNUnet core provides mechanisms to perform resource allocations for CPU, bandwidth and storage space.* The core enforces resource limitations set by the user.* GNUnet does not rely on any centralized services.* New Peer-to-Peer protocols can be easily implemented on top of the basic GNUnet infrastructure.* Current protocols include anonymous file sharing, a trivial chat protocol, message throughput benchmarking and network topology visualization.* While our goals are similar to projects like自由网(Freenet), Gnutella, Mnet* , and others, we hope to provide a superior combination of features for users that value security more than efficiency.*通讯方式GNUnet默认采用TCP 通讯方式,默认登陆端口为TCP 2086、1080、2088、2186、13881。



总之,禁止GNUnet,限制GNUnet,监控GNUnet,过滤GNUnet,控制GNUnet,屏蔽GNUnet,阻断GNUnet,拦截GNUnet,封堵GNUnet,禁用GNUnet,禁GNUnet,限GNUnet,封GNUnet,禁GNUnet,限GNUnet,封GNUnet文件传输,GNUnet端口,GNUnet协议,GNUnet服务器IP,如何控制GNUnet,如何禁止GNUnet,如何限制GNUnet,如何封堵GNUnet,如何监控GNUnet,如何管理GNUnet等等这些功能,聚生上网管理软件可以实现! 深入了解系统 即可下载试用

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